Supervisors often have to make decisions on the fly. This


Supervisors often have to make decisions on the fly. This is a fun test.  It is designed to see how well you are able to think through a problem and come up with logical solutions.  Some of the problems require abstract or lateral thinking. It also tests your ability to sift through information and not jump to conclusions. Copy each question and post your answer after each.  Explain your logic for each answer.  Each question is worth 5 points.  Incorrect answers will receive partial credit.

1.  In 1963, a woman goes to bed at 8:00 in the evening.  To insure she wakes up on time for a meeting, she winds up her old fashioned alarm clock and set to 9:00.  how many hours of sleep does she get?

2.  If you have only one match and enter a room in which there is a kerosene lamp, an oil stove and a wood burning stove, which would you light first?

3.  Some months have 31 days and some have 30.  How many have 28 days?

4.  If a doctor gave you three pills and told you to take one very half hour, how long would they last?

5.  A man builds a house with four sides and it is rectangular in shape.  Each side has a Southern exposure.  A big bear comes wandering by,  What color is the bear?

6.  You have 2 coins in your hand that amounts to 55 cents.  One is not a nickel.  Please bear that in mind. What are those coins?

7.  Divide 30 by 1/2 and then add 10.  What is the answer? 

8.  Take two apples from three apples.  What do you have?

9.  An archaeologist finds some ancient gold coins in the Dead Sea.  He believes that they were minted before the birth of Christ as each coin is stamped 34 B.C.  How old are the coins?

10.  How many animals of each species did Moses take on the Ark with him? 

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