These may not be older than six months and must

These may not be older than six months and must be from legitimate news sources (Wikipedia is not a legitimate source). In the article, the author must be either discussing a historical topic, and/or using it to support an opinion about some current event. Either way, the historical topic must be one that we have already discussed in class.

You must find an article that is focused on a history topic that we have discussed in class. The history topics discussed are as followed: Reconstruction, Gilded Age Politics, Industrialization, Immigration, Plains Indian Wars, Western Frontier, and Populism. It can be discussing the topic as a pure history lesson, or it can be discussing it to make a point about a current event, but it must be FOCUSED on the history topic. Do not send an article in which YOU are the one making a connection to a topic we discussed in class, the author must be doing so. 

Further, keep in mind that the easiest way to do this is to do a Google NEWS search for a topic (event, person, etc) that you found interesting.

To post your news story, click “Create Journal Entry” above. Then, use the text box to post the link to the story. After that, use the box to type up your analysis of the story. In 2-3 paragraphs, you must explain what the story is about, how it relates to what we have discussed in class, and what you found so interesting about it. What is you opinion of the author’s work and/or opinion?

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