To prepare: Before completing your observations, review the Required Media


To prepare:

  • Before completing your      observations, review the Required Media found in the      Learning Resources of this module and the following videos to form the      basis of your observations.

Infant Toddler: Birth to Three

Penfield Children. (2015). Play activities for babies | Penfield Children’s Center [Video]. YouTube.

ECA Learning Hub. (2014). Babies and toddlers: Amazing learners – Video 1 [Video]. YouTube.

Three to Five

Made Here – from Vermont PBS. (2018). Best day ever: Forest kindergartens In Vermont [Video]. YouTube.

Assignment Task Preparation: 

  • Research, then select an      instrument based on your research used for observing children at play to      identify a selected skill, developmental area, or other. Use this      instrument during your observations. You may elect to use the same      instrument, if appropriate, or select an instrument for each grade group,      but this instrument should measure the same skill or area for both groups      (total of two instruments, one for the younger group and one for the older      group).

Upon completion of your observations:

  • Reflect on your observation of      two different children at play. What developmental or emerging content      knowledge did you note? How do you know this is accurate?
  • Examine your notes and reflect on      the content. Were these accurate facts or were personal thoughts and      feelings reflected? How could you improve your personal observations?

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