2 questions total. APA 6th edition format to include title


2 questions total.  APA 6th edition format to include title page, running headers, and page numbers as well as references section.  Answer each question in a minimum of 1-2 pages.  Question 1 should be 7 paragraphs in total.  

1. What are the 5 ways to finance a sports organization’s operations?  Identify and define all 5 in at least 1 paragraph each.  

2.  Identify the 5 Financial Ratios discussed in chapter 2.  One paragraph per type identifying each type of ratio is required.  From the attachment found on the attachment Braves Group 2018 statement.pdf, identify at least 3 of the 5 ratios for the Atlanta Braves (Braves Group) from their Summary Balance Sheet Data.  

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