UNIT 4 Review the video of the persuasive speech that


  1. Review the video of the persuasive speech that you delivered in Unit 3 as well as the feedback that you have received.
  2. Take notes as you review the video and the feedback, considering edits that you should make to your speech.
  3. Based on your notes, revise your speech, adjusting the content, language, and approach to delivery as needed.
  4. Think of an effective way to incorporate at least one visual aid that will be relevant to your purpose and message and will enhance your speech.
  5. Create a new set of notes or bullet points that you can refer to while filming your speech.
  6. Practice presenting your speech, focusing on your voice, your nonverbal communication, and your use of one or more visual aids. Aim for a speech 3-5 minutes in length.

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