Purpose To discuss our PowerPoint ‘Selected and Abbreviated Theories of



To discuss our PowerPoint ‘Selected and Abbreviated Theories of Cultural Emotions’ and the reading to increase our understanding and knowledge of content related to cultural emotions. 


Use the powerpoint and readings to discern how applicability of various theories to explain and interpret cultural emotions.

Discussion Questions 

  • Discuss the main theories of cultural emotions and their concepts  outlined in the PowerPoint and reading. Construction of Sentiments and Values-1.pdfActions
  • Discuss what you understand.
  • Ask questions about what you don’t understand.
  • Discuss how the introductory theories and concepts  (i.e, dramaturgical theory, Goffman’s encounters, etc.) relate to the Mexican Quinceañera and the evolution of Black music? 
  • Discuss how emotional displays, emotional empathy, interaction rituals and salience of hierarchy relate to our reading? 
  • Discuss which  theory (s) of cultural emotions  relate to your experiences with cultural emotions? 

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