In the current environment I do not see anyone as


In the current environment I do not see anyone as a good motivator. We have young management that is trying to make their presence known to upper management, hence making delayed decisions and really looking out for themselves on projects. They are micromanaging which is deflating to the team, instead of providing the desired motivation needed.

          In my previous organization there were a few motivators in the business that really drove change and improvement with positivity and the big picture always in mind and the current environment is making me miss that a lot.

          I think that if management is really in touch with their employees that the organization as a whole can be motivating. Example if they really engage if their employees, say in volunteer work and help promote and support that type of initiative that employees would be more motivated to hop on board and volunteer.

          I believe it really revolves around the culture of the organization and having their employees buy in.

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