Distribution Strategy – This is a group project I only

 Distribution Strategy – 

This is a group project  I only need the distribution strategy 

 Product –  The company will develop a user-friendly application app that can integrate hotels under the Marriott umbrella to offer their products and services to a pool of customers.  

Recommend a distribution plan for the new product.

  • Considering your company’s product from a strategic perspective,  would you recommend creating a wholesale distribution channel, focusing  on retail distribution, or using a multichannel approach that  incorporates both wholesale and retail distribution?
  • What types of retailers or wholesalers (or mix of both) would you recommend using?
  • Given your recommended distribution channel strategy, what decisions  about the retail or wholesale marketing mix must be made to form a  viable retailer or wholesaler marketing strategy?

I will add what my classmates have done after the bid 

I need 1.5 max 2 pages and references. No title page or anything. 

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