Description Read: Advocacy Text and Rhetorical Analysis Assignment around 500



Read: Advocacy Text and Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

around 500 words of script

The Advocacy Text is an es.say that asks you to identify and research a topic that you care about and create a proposal argument about that particular topic. What is most notable about this assignment is that you will put your rhetoric out in the real world so you will need to strategize how you will get your message to a real and intended audience. For this assignment, you need to propose your topic idea, initial research plan, and strategy for getting your advocacy text to an intended audience.

Proposal Instructions

For the proposal video (due in Week 6), please create a short video of yourself that proposes your intended direction for the Advocacy Text Assignment.

Your video should include: 

  • a short description of the idea or ideas you are considering for your proposal argument
  • share initial research strategy and where you will continue looking for resources (remember you will need a minimum of 4 outside resources)
  • question(s) you have for your group members or the instructor about how to proceed. You may also include any feedback you’d like to receive from others

Proposal Replies

For the Proposal Replies (due in Week 8), you will need to respond to each of your group member’s proposal videos in a short text reply.

Your reply should include: 

  • an evaluation of whether and how you think the writer’s proposal will address the goals of the project
  • suggestions or ideas you have for the writer as they begin their advocacy text, specifically comparing your proposal argument to their proposed topic 
  • any answers to questions the writer posed

Submit your response by clicking “Reply” to each group member’s thread and typing or pasting your response. 

Submission Requirements

  • Your proposal video should be no more than 5 minutes long.
  • You can use any technology you’re comfortable with to record your video but the video must be embedded into the discussion thread. Attached video media will not be accepted.
  • A minimum of (2) peer responses are required meeting a minimum length requirement of 250 words. 

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