– Briefly summarize (bullet point is fine) at least four

–  Briefly summarize (bullet point is fine) at least four
strong takeaway points from each of the three sources you chose to
read/watch https://understandingrace.org/HumanVariation                                                                  List them and be sure to include the source so I know which reading/video you are referencing.  
You should have a total of 12 summary points between the three articles.  

-write a short analysis of 350-500 words in which you
reflect on your experience of reading/watching about a subject you
thought you knew about and then reading race scholarship on the
subject. Think back to what you wrote in the Module 1 — alien
anthropologist activity and how your ideas about race may have been
challenged, developed, or stayed the same. What was it like? How have
any of the materials change any “common sense” beliefs you might
have had about race as you read? Include a word count.

–  After writing and revising your analysis, think of a title of a blog
post you could write for your peers.  Do not refer to this assignment or
this class in the title. The title should be about your analysis, separated
by a blank line, and centered on the page. 

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