Based upon the assigned reading, prepare a two-three paragraph contribution

Based upon the assigned reading, prepare a two-three paragraph contribution for our Discussion Forum.  Consider the diversity of women who converged in North America during the seventeenth-century (1600s).  Prepare a comparison of the experiences of Indigenous  women, African women, and European women in North America.  Specifically, compare the gender expectations, work, and roles within families among North America’s diverse population of women.  Support your comparison with specific examples from the module resources (textbook and lecture). 

It is necessary for you to post your main contribution to the Discussion Forum before you will be able to access and read others’ contributions.  Please refer to the Discussion Forum directions for more details about how to successfully participate and how your participation will be scored.

Post your main contribution on or before Saturday and reply to a minimum of two other students before Monday at 11:59 PM.  In your replies to others, begin with their name and include additional details about the comparisons that their contributions stimulated for you and / or raise a question, in addition to providing content and context.  Please reply to others’ questions posted to your main contribution.

A good tip to follow: create your contributions in a word document to save and take advantage of grammar and spell check.

It is necessary to prepare and post your main contribution before seeing others’ contributions.

the book is: Through Women’s Eyes: An American History, Volumes I and II. Ellen Carol 

Dubois and Lynn Dumenil. Fifth Edition. 

ISBN: 9781319104931 (Print or electronic versions).
the lecture will be uploaded as a photo 

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