Regi grew up in a war zone where peace was

Regi grew up in a war zone where peace was a far-off dream. He lost his family due to the ravages of war, and eventually had to leave his home country. This drastically impacted his attitude and made him a strong advocate of peace in war-torn regions of the world.Regi became a professional hacker, listing his many services through one of the IRC channels. Hacking passwords was his specialty, and defacing Web sites, cracking software licenses, and reverse engineering applications were among his many talents. When the opportunity came along to support a noble cause he believed in, he took it.Frustrated by the many delays and hindrances in the way of the peace process in his home country, he planned to voice his concerns by targeting a Web site of one of the not-for-profit government organizations he was familiar with. He did not want any other child to lose their family like he did.While searching for target Web sites, Regi stumbled upon the government Web site XChil- drenrelief4U, a welfare organization Web site dedicated to the abolishment of child labor in the region. Regi ran an FTP brute force tool against the Web site and quickly cracked the admin pass- word. With the password, he logged onto the site and changed the Index.htm file. He posted: “Stop War, We Need Peace” to the logon page, deleted the log file, and logged out.

  • Do Regi’s reasons justify his action? Why or why not?
  • What are the possible consequences of Regi’s action?

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