Please answer the following questions. Use double-spacing and aim for

 Please answer the following questions.  Use double-spacing and aim for one page for
each answer.  Be sure to use APA format and include citations and references to support your answers.

1.  Who would be part of a multi-disciplinary team for a 2-year old suspected of having autism? Why did
you select these people?
2.  What skill areas should be assessed for a preschool child who has Down syndrome?  Why did you
select these areas and what test instruments or procedures might be used?
3.  Give two reasons of why standardized testing might not be valid for a preschool child?  What other
types of procedures measures might be used to get information for program planning?  Support your
4.  Why is it important to include parents in the assessment process? What kind of information do they
bring to the table that might be helpful to the educational team?  
5.  How can an early intervention team use assessment results to develop an early intervention program
for a child?  What sources of information should they use and how can they build a program using the
assessment results?