In this project, you will apply systems thinking within a

In this project, you will apply systems thinking within a scenario that can be shaped by your personal or professional interests.



Your system analysis and recommendations report should answer the following prompt: From a systems thinking perspective, what is the true nature of your client’s problem? What are the systems at play, how are the systems producing the issues, and how might one intervene in those systems to achieve desired outcomes?

I. Introduction

 A. Illustrate the conceptual framework underpinning your report.

  i. Describe the key principles and methods of systems thinking. Remember that your audience (i.e., your client) may not be familiar with this different approach to problem solving, so be sure to clearly articulate the major patterns and characteristics of a systems thinking approach.

  B. Articulate the value of systems thinking. In other words, defend to your client why you believe your approach to this problem is sound. How does systems thinking enable problem solving? How is this way of thinking distinct from systems engineering or other approaches to problem solving?

C. Summarize the context of your report, including a brief description of your client organization and its identified problem.

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