1. In consideration of Cheung-Judge’s (2012) article, “The Self as

1.   In consideration of Cheung-Judge’s (2012) article, “The Self as an Instrument: A Cornerstone for the Future of OD,” what are your immediate thoughts? For example, if you were a consultant to your own organization, how might you go about solving issues and/or needed changes?

Part 2: In this unit’s Discussion Board, describe at least three examples of Spector’s (2013) Chapter 1 concepts—types of changes, faces of change, and actions to build motivation—to the case study, “The ASDA Way of Working.” What are your recommendations for Archie Norman for leading complex change? 

2.  Review Kurt Lewin’s field theory and process-driven change. Using an example of a specific organization, discuss the relationship between a learning organization culture and leadership for complex change. 

3.  Review “Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations (NCO)” on pages 70-73 of the course textbook. How could Finnvold conduct an organizational diagnosis that might begin his implementation? Comment on NCO’s readiness for complex change and two ways you might ensure mutual engagement if you were in Finnvold’s position. Cite ideas from Chapter 3. 

Please keep the question number, these only Discussion Board, only 250 in word for both questions.

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