watch the two videos and write 1000 per video

watch the two videos and write 1000 per video

1) Overview/Description of Class Session:

● Link to video:

● School Name/District/Teacher Name – if identifiable:

● Type of classroom (grade/subject/special program):

● # of teachers and assistants / # of students – if identifiable:

● Briefly describe the demographic characteristics of this school or classroom: (gender, race/ethnicity, languages, ability…)

● Give a general summary of what you saw. List the activities in which the teacher and students were engaged. Include relevant information about classroom diversity, room arrangement, behavior management strategies, evaluation methods.

2) Analysis of Observation: Identify two significant events and explain why you chose them for analysis. 

3) Personal Impact: Articulate how this video observation personally impacted your thinking about teaching, learning, and schooling. How will this observation inform your career as a teacher and why?

4) Question(s)/Wonderings/Next Steps: Share at least one unanswered question you have as a result of viewing this video. What did you find surprising? What did it make you wonder about? What do you want to learn more about because of this viewing?

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