Instructions: Read the case, Virtual Teams, in Action on p.



Read the case, Virtual Teams, in Action on p. 161, Ch. 4 (e-book); and answer each question at the end of the case.

Each question has a minimum required number of paragraphs, please meet these requirements to maximize your earned points.

Paragraphs at this level of study are 5+ well-developed sentences.

Students must be able to apply chapter concepts to demonstrate they understand the chapter learning objectives and how to apply these to real organizational situations.
Students must be able to apply more than 3 concepts in each answer.

I encourage the use of up-to-date valid external sources.

The emphasis of case studies will be on the application of learned concepts and critical analysis of case studies. 

Please include citations (with p. #) for all content including external sources and include a reference page. 

 1. Begin with a strong introduction to the case study (see the link to writing strong
introductions from Case study 1). (1+ paragraphs minimum)

2. What advantages did Lockheed Martin gain by using virtual teams? Explain.
(2+ paragraphs minimum)
3. Identify and discuss potential problems with using virtual teams—for example, interpersonal,
technical, or geographical concerns.
(2+ paragraphs minimum)
4. Discuss the characteristics that virtual team members should possess.
(2+ paragraphs minimum)
5. What specific training should virtual teams receive?
(2+ paragraphs minimum)
6. Finish with a strong Conclusion (conclusions are not a summary, see the link to writing strong
conclusions from case study 1. (1+ paragraphs minimum)
Include References 

Citatation:  Snell, S., Morris, S., & Bohlander, G. W. (2015). Managing Human Resources (17th Edition). Cengage Limited. 

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