I need you to write on Alternative medicine by answering

 I need you to write on Alternative medicine by answering the following questions below. 200 words

Have you used a form of alternative medicine (yoga/meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy) or taken a supplement?  If so, write about that.  What condition was the alternative medicine/supplement used to treat?  Was the treatment effective–why or why not?  Would you use this form of alternative medicine/supplement again or recommend it to others–why or why not?  Most of your posting should be in your own words.  Include a correctly-cited quotation (no Wikipedia, please) with information that you think is useful regarding the alternative medicine/supplement about which you are writing. Many people go to chiropractors, and this form of alternative medicine is quite prevalent.  Please write about something other than chiropractic in your posting. 


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