Business Plan Document For this assignment, you will need to

Business Plan Document

For this assignment, you will need to develop a short business plan for a Program or Service or Company of choice. When it comes to developing the business plan, you can create something new (unique) OR you can use this as an opportunity to suggest an improvement to a program or service or organization that is already in existence.

For example, in class, you worked on a Business Plan exercise.

Please use this as a reference for some ideas and suggestions.

Table of Contents for the Business Plan

Be sure to include information for each of these sections:

1. Executive Summary
2. Description
3. Background
4. Organizational/Service/[removed]Intervention Assessment 5. Proposed Service/Intervention

6. Target Market Analysis 7. Marketing Plan
8. Resources

You should use the example of the VA ‘Employee Wellness Program’ sample Business Plan as a template for how to develop and write your own Business Plan.

Grading = 100 points (equal points per section) Some key items to keep in mind:

  •   Write the Executive Summary last � A strong Executive Summary uses key pieces from sections of the document to provide a clear and concise overview of the Business Plan.

  •   Description: keep it clear and concise making it clear what your program/service/intervention will do

  •   Background: the so what, who cares? Portion of the Business Plan. It is recommended that you use outside sources and cite them properly in this section to support your argument for your program/service/intervention.

  •   Organizational Assessment: what currently exists now (either nothing or something that is not adequate; this section brings to light why your program/service/intervention is needed

  •   Proposed Program/service/intervention: describe it and provide a clear objective; provide goal(s), method(s) and timeline that are appropriate

  •   Target Market Analysis: who is the population in need? This is where you can demonstrate who needs program/service/intervention; use sources where appropriate



  •   Marketing plan: how will people learn about and get access to your program/service/intervention?

  •   Resources: what is needed in order for your program/service/intervention to be successful? Do you have an idea on how much money, supplies, resources (people and space and technology, etc.)?

    Page Length

    The final Business Plan should be at least 7-8 pages in length with a maximum page length of 12 pages (double spaced, not including references or figures/charts/graphs).

    NOTE: The focus of your writing should be on providing key details and information that are persuasive to me (a potential funder) to fund your program/service/intervention. It’s important to be clear and concise with your sections.

    NOTE #2: This is an opportunity for you to be creative in either developing a program/service/intervention of your own creation OR to suggest improvements to one that is already in existence. There are no ‘right or wrong’ programs/services/[removed]interventions…what I’m looking for in this assignment is that you put together a plan and persuasive document for the one you are most interested in.

    Any questions? Please email me directly or post in the General Discussion forum on Blackboard.

    Good luck � 

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