watch the Ted talk above and answer the questions 

    watch the Ted talk above and answer the questions below. i need it done 250 words. i need it done 24hours.


  1. How does the Ted Talk you selected and viewed break down the traditional stereotype and provide the reader with a different perspective of the person, community, or location?
  2. Many Ted talks uses many rhetorical styles, such as narration, description, compare/contrast, definition, analysis, and so forth. Describe some of the rhetorical styles operating in the Ted talk and provide examples to support your ideas.
  3. While the Ted talk does not provide in-text citations or a works cited page, how does the Ted talk use ethos to establish the credibility of the writer? Does the writer use author tags? What other techniques does the writer use to make its claims or points?
  4. What is the central message, theme, or thesis of the Ted talk? Do you agree or disagree with these ideas? What is your opinion? Provide examples to support your opinion. 
  5. Discuss what you learned from the Ted talk that will assist you in writing the information textual analysis 2.
  • Use a signal phrase (author tag) to introduce a quotation, quote from one of the reading selections, and cite the selection correctly.

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