Please provide an elaborate answer to each of the following

Please provide an elaborate answer to each of the following questions

1. How does the use of virtual memory improve system utilization? 

2. Why is the principle of locality crucial to the use of virtual memory? 

3. What are the four conditions that create deadlock? Explain your reasoning. 

4. What are the three conditions that must be present for deadlock to be possible? Please explain your point of view. 

5. What criteria are important in choosing a file organization? Justify your answer with facts. 

6. What are some advantages and disadvantages of sequential file organization? Please explain your point of view. 

7. What are the differences between a blocking I/O and a non-blocking I/O? 

8. Cite the differences between the implementation of hardware RAID and software RAID. Express your point of view. 


Word Count: 5000 words (maximum) 

• Please read and apply the rules for referencing

• Overall presentation 10% 

• Structure 10% 

• Introduction 10% 

• Main body Critical analysis/evaluation 50% 

o Recommendations 10% 

o Conclusion 10% 

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