For this assignment, you will clarify your message and expand


For this assignment, you will clarify your message and expand upon  it, filling in any gaps that either you or your classmates identified in  the discussion forum over the past week. Be sure to incorporate the  feedback you received from your classmates and the instructor. 

Your paper should be at least two pages and include the following elements:  

  • A description of your message and discussion of the desired results
  • A description of the intended audience for your message. Be specific  and include the appropriate demographic information for your target  audience.
  • A description of the typography you plan to use in your message  (e.g., this might include the font or typeface you plan to use or the  tone you want the type to achieve). Include an explanation for why the  typography you chose is appropriate.
  • An explanation of how you plan to utilize visuals to support your  message. To provide support for your explanation, be sure to discuss one  of the alternatives you considered before settling on your approach.
  • Identify the platform/medium you plan to use to communicate your  message (e.g., Word document, PowerPoint presentation, web application).
  • An explanation for the platform or medium you selected.

Submit your two-page paper (not including title and reference  pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined  in the approved APA style guide, and must cite at least two scholarly  sources in addition to the textbook.  

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