For this assignment, you will be collecting data from your



For this assignment, you will be collecting data from your own refrigerator and pantry. Below is a list of condiments that you will use for this assignment. In addition to this list, add 3-5 condiments that you may also use on a regular basis. If you do not have these condiments, simply take a pen and paper to the grocery store or utilize the internet to collect your data (You do not have to purchase these items).

When calculating the Percent Fat, DO NOT use the information on the food label. Instead, use the following equation:

% Fat = [(grams of fat x 9)/Calories per serving] x 100

Once you have gathered all of the data, review it and write a one-paragraph conclusion (no fewer than 200 words) identifying the top three condiments you typically use, how much you use in a given meal, things that you may have found surprising, and ways in which you might change your diet after looking at this data.

Your responses below MUST BE in BLUE font, including your concluding paragraph after the data table. When you finish, save it as a Word document titled “HW 2 – last name, first name” and submit this through the appropriate link in Moodle. Do not email it. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a zero for the assignment. If you do not have Word, please visit 



Serving Size


Carb grams

Protein grams

Lipid/Fat grams


Use the Equation 








BBQ Sauce


Steak Sauce


Salad Dressing


Peanut Butter








Cream Cheese



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