250 words+ Wilderness Trailhead, Inc. (WTI) is a retailer that

250 words+

Wilderness Trailhead, Inc. (WTI) is a retailer that offers hiking, rock-climbing, and survival gear for sale on its Web site. WTI offers about 1200 different items for sale and has about 1000 visitors per day at its Web site. The company makes about 200 sales each day on its site, with an average transaction value of $372. WTI sells products primarily through its Web site to customers in the United States and Canada. WTI ships orders from its two warehouses: one in Vancouver, British Columbia, and another in Shoreline, Washington. WTI accepts four major credit cards and processes its own credit card transactions. It stores records of all transactions on a database server that shares a small room with the Web server computer at WTI’s main offices in a small industrial park just outside Bellingham, Washington. Outline and propose a security policy for the WTI database server. Be sure to consider the threats that exist because of that server stores customer credit card numbers.

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