4 pages , 4 references APA 7 provide the background

4 pages , 4 references APA 7

 provide the background and the context of the business issue. It is important for you to link the data collection and analysis process to the mission for the organization to deliver better healthcare services. This section should also cover what other scholars or researchers have found out about your topic.  (Be as detailed as possible and use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.)

  1. Introduction (must include the geographical location of your community or organization)
    1. If this situation only addresses a particular department then explain
  2. Strategic Vision and Evaluation
    1. What is the vision for the organization and how will this new process contribute to it?
    2. How will success be measured
  3. Business and Quality Context
    1. What are the business quality performance metrics
    2. What will the quality strategy be
    3. What is the current situation
    4. How will this improve the situation