Create an email message addressing the follow issue: You have

Create an email message addressing the follow issue:

You have just been hired as the coding supervisor for Big Wheel General Hospital. You were warned before taking the job that there were some issues with the department. However, you decided you were up to the challenge. Your first task, and probably most important, is to review the noted areas of deficiencies and provide a memorandum to the HIMS Director, Betty Kline, on which are the top two issues to focus on first and strategies to correct the issues.

These are the issues you have identified:

  • Not coding at the highest level. 
  • Bad documentation/Missing documentation. 
  • Not having access to the provider. 
  • Failing to use current/updated code sets. 
  • Under and overcoding. 
  • Unbundling. 


  1. Make sure to address the issue in your initial post. 
  2. Politely compare your list and strategies with your classmates in the replies. 
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