Case Study analysis

Evaluate Magnolia Brands’ sustainable competitive advantage by analyzing the case study and answering the following questions in 350 to 525 words:

·       How will the components of the external environment impact Magnolia Brands’ ability to realize its vision?

·       Who are Magnolia Brands’ major competitors?

·       What other factors are affecting the growth of Magnolia Brands?

·       What internal factors must be considered for Magnolia Brands to achieve its vision and mission?

·       What are some of Magnolia Brands’ strengths and weaknesses?

·       How does the new show represent an opportunity in the home remodeling industry?

·       What challenges or threats might Magnolia Brand face?

·       What measurements can be used to determine if the new show is successful?

·       What is the feasibility of the ability of Magnolia Brands to continue to be successful? Why?


RUBRIC Wk 1 – Apply: Case Study Analysis – Magnolia

Rubric Details:

1.       Introduction & Company’s History ( 20%)

2.      SWOT Analysis Diagram (10%)

3.      Internal Factors evaluation (23%)(within the company; work-life balance)

4.     External Factors evaluation (22%)(Competitors

5.      Conclusion and Competitive Advantage (20%)

6.      Critical Thinking (2%)

7.      Mechanical & Grammar (2%)

8.      Information Literacy (1%)




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