The purpose of this process is to build on the

The purpose of this process is to build on the good work you have done, based on the feedback from the instructor, so that the assignment meets acceptable standards for a scholarly document.
To help you experience the iterative process, you may revise the Week 2 Writing Assignment (“The Problem Statement”) and submit it for the Week 4 Writing Assignment. In order to do this –
1. Thoroughly review the instructions from the Week 2 Writing Assignment.
2. Just open the Week 2 Assignment file that your instructor returned to you in the gradebook.
3. Read the feedback that your instructor gave to you.
4. Revise. Be extremely careful to address every comment your professor gave to you and apply those lessons throughout the Assignment. Record them in your writing journal for mental reinforcement.
5. Submit it by day 7 of Week 4 instead of submitting the Week #4 Assignment.

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