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Assignment 1 (MINIMIM OF 1 PAGE)

Question A: 

Care must be exercised when writing triggers for a database. What are some problems that could be encountered? 

Question B:

What is the purpose of the COMMIT command in SQL? How does commit relate to the notion of business transaction (such as entry of a customer order or issuing a customer invoice)? 

Assignment 2 (MINIMUM OF 1 PAGE)


“Obtain a common document such as a sales slip, customer invoice from an auto repair shop, credit card statement, etc.

1) Use the normalization steps described in this chapter to convert this user view to a set of relations in third normal form.

2) Draw a relational schema.

3) List several integrity rules that you would recommend to ensure the quality of the data in this application” (Hoffer, Prescott, & Topi, 2009, p. 250).

Assignment 3 (MINIMIM OF 1 PAGE)

Design Method

“Denormalization can be a controversial topic among database designers. Some believe that any database should be fully normalized. Others look for ways to denormalize to improve processing performance. What is your opinion? Why?” (Hoffer, Prescott, & Topi, 2009, p. 302).

Assignment 4 (MINIMIM OF 1 PAGE)

DBMS Functions and Database Administration

“Visit some of the Web sites for open-source databases, such as and What do you see as major differences in administration between open-source databases, such as MySQL, and commercial database products, such as Oracle? How might these differences come into play when choosing a database platform? Summarize the DBA functions of MySQL versus PostgresSQL“(Hoffer, Prescott, & Topi, 2009, p. 612).

Assignment 5 (MINIMIM OF 1 PAGE)

Database Management Approaches and Using Access to Create and Publish a Web Database

“Health-care professionals want to engage patients more actively in their own health care. Locate at least five hospitals and other health-care Web sites that individuals can access. Compare and contrast the information and /or services that are available through each site. Which of these Web sites would involve patients more actively in their own health care“ (Hoffer, Prescott, & Topi, 2009, p. 302).

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