Plagiarism is a serious penalty; please make sure to use

Plagiarism is a serious penalty; please make sure to use your own words and provide citations and references for any sources you utilize in your responses. The citation (Fremgen, 2020) follows any sentence that reflects information you learned from the book. All initial responses to the DQs require at least one reference. Reminder: Use your own words when writing your post. The reference at the bottom of your post should appear as follows:
Fremgen, B.F. (2020). Medical law and ethics (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Your best friend’s daughter comes into the office where you work seeking birth control pills.  You know that her mother does not know that she is sexually active.
  1. Your friend’s daughter is the next patient and it’s your turn to room the next patient in line.  What are your options?
  2. Should you confront your friend’s daughter about being sexually active?
  3. Should you tell your friend that her daughter was seeking birth control pills?

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