For this project, you are expected to build a 2D

For this project, you are expected to build a 2D based animation, which is often used in video gaming. Below is a captured frame showing what you need to achieve. The basic goal is to let you load different images, and synthesize a new image by putting different images together, and display the final image sequentially to screen.

This animation is about a dinosaur chasing a girl in the forest. To achieve this effect, there are three basic objects involved: a girl, a dinosaur, and a moving background. The relative positions of the dinosaur and the girl can be flexible, as long as the dinosaur is to the left of the girl, which makes sense. You can place the girl in the middle of the image. In practice, you do not need to change the positions of the girl and the dinosaur once the program starts. What you need to do is to load different images (about different poses of the girl and dinosaur) and copy them into the final image sequentially, meanwhile copy different parts of the background image using slide window mechanism to generate the animation effects. All the images involved for this animation have been provided in the attachment.

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