Make sure you’ve read CHAPTER 4 of Social Problems and


Make sure you’ve read CHAPTER 4 of Social Problems and also considered some of the examples presented in the mini lecture video for this week prior to completing this assignment.

Please answer one of the following questions in two or less paragraphs (make sure each sentence counts):

(1) There have always been calls to medicalize drug problems, but in the past they had a little effect, especially in the case of crack, heroin, and meth. Why weren’t they more successful in the 80s and 90s (or before with respect to other drugs)?

(2) You’ll probably recall from chapter 3 that certain claimsmakers, including activists and activist led social movement  organizations can exercise “ownership” of a certain social problem. Under what circumstances can experts lose ownership of a social problem? Provide a brief example.  

** because I assume that you have taken prior courses in sociology, I expect you to conduct a little research Into the examples I’ve included in the  questions, or examples that you will consider on your own initiative, in order to answer one of the two questions. Please appropriately cite the source using a format of your choice.  There are several databases available through the VSU library website, as well as sociology websites like “The Society Pages.”  You could simply search using keywords like, “criminalization of heroin addiction” or other terms associated with the example that you want to explore.  You could also search “the social construction of___________,e.g.,_______ epidemic.”  
You can cite newspaper and magazine online or print articles, especially when those publications are quoting purported experts in a particular area associated with a social problem.

Worth 10 points 

6 points–Answer question using sociological perspective and concepts from book chapter. 
3 points–Academic or credible sources used and cited

1 point–spelling and grammar 

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