The pandemic of Covid-19 has affected all businesses and institutions


The pandemic of Covid-19 has affected all businesses and institutions and presenting them with strategic and operational challenges. These challenges had an impact on how organisations manage people.

You are a team of strategic HR consultants to the local organisation of your choice (it can be manufacturing, service or non-profit organisation). The CEO has asked you to prepare a HR strategy which helps the management to cope with the crisis and to get ready to operate in post-pandemic business environment.

1. Identify key strategic challenges in the area of managing people brought to the organisation by the pandemics. In your analysis take into account external and internal context of HRM. (30%)

2. Taking into account these challenges, propose a comprehensive HRM strategy for the organisation. (30%)

3. Drawing on the course literature explain, why and how the proposed HRM strategy should work. (40%)

How to approach the task 

1. Using hospitality (Hotel & Tourism) industry as an organization 

2. Identify strategic challenges (business and competitive strategy) 

3. Identify challenges in managing people 

4. Propose a HRM strategy of coping with the challenges 

• Internal context – organisation 

• External context – market, government rules

5. Explain, why and how the proposed strategy should work

• Making an argument

• Use theory

• Use research data

Sources • Literature 


Listed articles 

For critical analysis 

• Organisation documents, 

• Websites, press releases, published statistics and documents 

Be critical about sources used


· The total maximum word limit for this assignment is 3500-3800 words excluding references, any appendices, and bibliography.

· 12 Font Size, Times New Roman or Arial, 1.5 line spacing.

All sources must be referenced and included in bibliography 

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