Learning Goals L1. Recognize the importance of choosing a career


Learning Goals

L1. Recognize the importance of choosing a career that is suited to your personal strengths and passions  

L2. Identify and describe the possible career opportunities that will exist in the labor market of the near future

L3. Identify and describe the challenges and opportunities that you will face as a result of changes in the workplace

L4. Identify and describe the skills you will need to deal with changes in the workplace


Using what you have learned about the future trends in work, complete a presentation describing two careers that you are interested in, as they will be when you graduate (from the highest level of education you pursue), and as they will be in the year 2030.


1. Review the three questions we have looked at in this unit:

a. What career (s) are right for me?

b. What careers will there be in 10 years from now?

c. How do I find out about what careers are out there?

2. Research and make use of the Canadian Job Bank website. Choose and investigate two careers you are interested in: 

a. What is the career?

b. What education is required to do the career?

c. What are the wages (and benefits) like in this type of career (describe the range; low,

median, high)?

d. What is the lifestyle of people in this career? –Working a lot, working irregular hours,

travel, etc.

e. What are some tips for getting hired in this field?

3. Investigate and imagine your chosen careers as they will be in the year 2030:

a. What will the educational requirements be?

b. What will the demand for your career be like?

c. What aspects of the career will change? -Don’t just write robots, really think about this.

d. What aspects of the career will likely stay the same?

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