Overview It is often eye-opening for students to learn the


It is often eye-opening for students to learn the extent to which people communicate nonverbally, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Reflect on the reading in relationship to your own nonverbal communication, and respond to one or more of the prompts below.

Your Task

  1. Using your own experience and examples, illustrate how nonverbal cues function as they relate to verbal messages:
    • repeat
    • complement
    • accent
    • substitute for
    • regulate verbal messages?
  2. How are these functions of nonverbal communication achieved online? 
  3. Has your nonverbal communication been more intentional or unintentional? Provide examples from your own experience as evidence.
  4. What did you learn about nonverbal communication from the reading that you can immediately use to improve your communication with others? What impact might you expect to see? 
  5. Watch the nonverbal communication of people around you this week.
    • Did you feel like you were sharing more meaning with them because of something you now know about nonverbal communication?
    • Explain your answer, providing detailed examples.

 General Guidelines

  1. Meet the posted due dates & time for the assignment.
  2. Plan ahead, don’t leave your writing to the last minute. 
  3. Fully explain your responses, incorporating reasoning and detailed examples to illustrate the ideas you are advancing.
  4. Do not simply summarize the readings, you must actually ENGAGE the material and make sure you fully address the prompt.
  5. Journal Entries should be sufficient in length (1-2 pages).
  6. Make sure responses are classroom appropriate.

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