Activity I – Do you think genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

 Activity I – Do you think genetically modified organisms (GMOs) raise a legitimate safety hazard? Should government agencies such as the FDA take more action to require safety testing? Do you think labeling unfairly stigmatizes GMOs and make consumers question their safety?

Activity II – Categorize the following as a facilitating payment (grease payment), a bribe or neither of these under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Explain why they chose a certain answer.

  1. Jane Jones, who works for XYZ Corporation (a U.S. publicly-traded company), has documents that she needs to clear customs in order to make it to an important business meeting on time.  She decides to pay the customs official $500 in order to move to the front of the line.
  2. Same facts as above, but Jane decides to pay the customs official $5000.
  3. Jane gives a steel letter opener with XYZ Corporation imprinted on it to a foreign government official as a gift.
  4. The country where a major foreign client is based was recently hit by a devastating earthquake.  Competitors of XYZ Corporation are donating approximately $150,000 each to foreign relief efforts.  XYZ Corporation also decides to donate a similar amount.

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