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Classmates post


Should United Airlines and the FAA have taken responsibility for Flight 1549?

Responsibility is one of the key aspects of what it means to be a true leader. defines responsibility as “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something”.

After Flight 1549 crashed due to bird strikes, United Airlines and the FAA immediately places the blame on the local bird population. More specifically, they placed the blame on Canadian geese.  

The above image shows the layout of an airplane and the vulnerability of each spot listed in percentages. This image shows us that a planes wings and engines combine for a vulnerability rating of 27%.

Instead of taking ownership of the situation and admitting that United Airlines had a flaw in their “system”, they shifted blame to birds. This caused local geese to be unfairly rounded up and slaughtered for monetary gain on the part of the airline industry.

There was an obvious flaw in their emergency system when it came to birds affecting places. Event though testing had been done with a bird gun, the risk had not truly been analyzed until the incident with Flight 1549. United Airlines and the FAA should have taken responsibility for the lack of preparedness against bird strikes.


What are some possible alternatives to killing the Canadian geese in Case 19 that are not mentioned in the articles provided?

After the incident with Flight 1549 being struck by a flock of Canadian geese, something needs to be done to try to prevent these accidents from occurring in the future. The proposed solution and approach of slaughtering the Canadian geese was unethical and unnecessary.

One of the key alternatives to slaughtering the Canadian geese that was mentioned in an article is egg addling. This approach requires an oil to be applied to eggs, which prevents a gosling from forming. This is an example of an alternative that is less invasive and would gain more support from the community.

Another alternative mentioned is creating another habitat for the Canadian geese to migrate to. This habitat would be a safe environment for the geese with ample resources. The Canadian geese would be inclined to migrate to the new habitat if their current habitat was a hostile environment.

Can you think of any other alternative approaches to mitigate the issue with Canadian geese without slaughtering them?

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