What barriers exist for women in their attempts to leave

What barriers exist for women in their attempts to leave a battering relationship?  

You must use your textbook and one additional reading from the textbook and/or another source.  Also you must find a video online that illustrates your ideas and include a link to that video.  Please explain why you chose that video to share with class.

Remember that your post must be at least 300 words

You need to use one additional outside source besides your textbook to discuss the question. The source must be cited APA style at the end of the discussion. The outside source cannot be a dictionary like source (ie wikipedia, etc.). Your source needs to be included at the end of your original discussion.  It will not count if it is posted in a separate posting after your discussion. 


Author: Stacy Mallicoat

Title: Women, Gender, and Crime: A Text/Reader, 3rd Edition

Publisher: Sage

ISBN:  9781506366869