Chapter 11 provides many examples of policy success in the

Chapter 11 provides many examples of policy success in the injury prevention space.

  • State, describe, and clearly explain two (2) examples of successful policy implementation for injury prevention policy.
  • For One example:
    • Include a detailed explanation of two different components of the Advocacy process**  (listed below and in ch 17) that was described in each policy success.
      • If the text does not include adequate information about the advocacy process, you may create a scenario to describe an advocacy process step that might have been used.

**Advocacy Process as outlined in Chapter 17:

1.Define the problem and possible solutions

2. Form a coalition

3. Begin “Ground Softening”

4. Determine Who Has the Power to Make the Change Sought

5.Translate research for Decision-makers and the Public

6. Understand the Opposition

7. Understand Public Opinion

8. Outline Possible Solutions

9. Consider unintended consequences

9. Plan Your Media Advocacy Strategy

10. Evaluate Your Advocacy Efforts