This is a draft only. I will provide a higher

 This is a draft only. I will provide a higher budget for the final draft. 

Complete the final sections of the capstone paper and submit a complete first draft.

At this point you have essentially completed a draft of the capstone paper with feedback and grades from the mentor provided along the way on each section of the paper. In short, if you have followed the guidelines described for Weeks 1-9, you should have the project paper in reasonably good order at this point. You should now provide the mentor with a draft copy of the entire paper in the Written Assignment 5 area of the course. As part of the complete paper, you will now be writing the Conclusions, Recommendations, and Limitations sections of the paper.

NOTE: Please make sure that the conclusions and recommendations derive clearly from the findings: that is, that they are closely linked to what has been discovered. In addition, you should be sure that you are completely honest and forthright in discussing limitations, which could include things like small sample size, low response rate to a survey, personal bias because he/she works in the setting researched, respondents withholding information, or lack of access to certain people or information.

You should also complete the References section of the paper that was started during the literature review, making sure that all references adhere strictly to APA format. Moreover, you should add an Abstract of the paper (to be placed after the Title Page), and construct a Table of Contents page.

The mentor will provide feedback on this draft. The draft paper is not graded. Feedback from the mentor provides you with an opportunity to make any final revisions or improvements.The mentor should run the paper through an originality-checking program (such as Turnitin) to make sure there are no issues with plagiarism or unacknowledged sources.

Use the following guidelines as you prepare your complete capstone paper draft:
  • Title page: 1 page
  • Abstract: 1 page
  • Table of Contents: 1 page
  • Problem Statement: 1 to 3 pages
  • Review of the Literature: 5 to 7 pages
  • Methods: 5 to 8 pages
  • Findings: 6 to 8 pages
  • Conclusions and Recommendations: 4 to 6 pages
  • Limitations: 1 to 2 pages
  • References: 1 to 2 pages
  • Appendices: if applicable (e.g., data collection tool/survey)
  • Total: 25 to 40 pages (excluding title page and table of contents page)

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