Josh is a “runner” for Steve Shady, a prominent sports


Josh  is a “runner” for Steve Shady, a prominent sports agent. While on  campus at Bigtime University in the State of Missolina, Josh meets  (without informing the administration of his presence on campus) with  Marcus Goode, Bigtime’s star running back. Goode is a sophomore and has 2  years of eligibility remaining in the NCAA. Bigtime University competes  in NCAA FBS Division I. The State of Missolina adopted the UAAA in  2002. Josh represents that Shady is prepared to provide the following to  Goode should he agree to be represented by Shady:

  1. The keys to a Mercedes-Benz S-500, parked right outside Goode’s apartment.
  2. Cash in the amount of $5,000.
  3. Training at Shady’s posh Fort Lauderdale, Florida, workout facility in preparation for the NFL draft combine.

Answer the following series of questions in complete sentences:

  1. Is the meeting between Goode and Josh subject to the provisions of the UAAA?
  2. Assume Goode agrees to be represented by Shady at this meeting. Has  the UAAA been violated, and if so, what are the potential penalties?
  3. Assume further that Goode later signs a representation agreement.  Would either meeting or the signing of the representation agreement  adversely affect his amateur eligibility with the NCAA?
  4. Assume that 13 days after signing the representation agreement,  Goode has a change of heart and notifies Shady that he wants to cancel  the contract. May he do so? What, if any, impact will the cancellation  have on Goode’s amateur eligibility?

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