I would like a cleaned up problem statement to submit

 I would like a cleaned up problem statement to submit for this assignment. Please refer to attachment to view problem statement 

Three graded papers (referred to as WA for Written Assignment) are due during Module 1. Your mentor will provide feedback, grades, and guidance to ensure you are starting off in the correct direction and are proposing a study that is doable, that is, that when it is time to collect data, you can implement your plan.

You will post all three papers in the Module 1 Written Assignment area by the due dates on the Calendar. If you have questions at any time, communicate with your mentor via the Private Student-Mentor Forum.

NOTE: If you have completed ORR-510, received a good grade and are satisfied with your research proposal (which must have included a problem statement, literature review, and methodology), you may submit this to your mentor for feedback and grading. You may want to make small revisions or updates since you completed ORR-510. If you have not completed ORR-510 or wish to change your topic, please complete the following three assignments by the due dates on the calendar.

  • Problem Statement: Formulate the focus of your project: for example, the setting as well as the unit within that setting, potential sample(s) of respondents, and, most important, the specific problem that will be addressed. Make sure you have as much access to that setting and to your potential sample respondents as needed. Be sure that you have permission from the appropriate people in the setting to conduct the project. [MO1.1, MO1.2, and MO1.3]

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