5) Julio has found that his new car gets 36

 5) Julio has found that his new car gets 36 miles per gallon on the highway and 31 miles per gallon in the city. He recently drove 397 miles on 12 gallons of gasoline. How many miles did he drive on the highway? How many miles did he drive in the city? 

 It is difficult to learn how to do story problems because there are so many different types. If you want to do well on this week’s test, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Step 1: Read the file entitled “Read This First” Step 2: Open the file “Systems of Equations with Answers”. Step 3: Go through ALL the story problems provided and try to solve them. Pretend it’s a Practice Test. Check your answers with the key provided. Step 4: Pick ONE of the problems that you got right (that has not already been solved by a classmate) and demonstrate its solution for the rest of us. Step 5: Study how your classmates solved the problems that you missed. Remember that these may be on the test! Note: Problems are selected on a first-come basis. If a classmate has already chosen a problem you had wanted to answer, please select a different problem. Our goal is to answer and discuss as many different problems as possible. To demonstrate your problem, select Start a New Conversation and make the subject of your post BOTH the problem number and topic (#10 Jarod and the Bunnies). Begin your post with a statement of the problem so that we can understand what you are doing. The answers are at the end of the file, so don’t just give an answer—we can already see what the answers are. Don’t post an explanation unless your answer matches the correct one! Your goal should be to explain this problem so well that a classmate who “just doesn’t get it” will be able to understand it completely! This is a moderated discussion. Your posting will not be visible to the rest of the class until I approve it. Occasionally, more than one person will tackle a problem before they can see the work of others. In that case, credit will be given to all posters. Once the solution to a problem has become visible, that problem is off limits and you will need to choose a different problem in order  

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