USECASEPROJECT: Overall Feedback The usual rules apply. See attached. But:

USECASEPROJECT:  Overall Feedback

The usual rules apply.  See attached.

But:  (a) If you do another submission on this one, it will be the last.  (b)  Your efforts would be best served by prioritizing (1) assignment 2, (2) assignment 4, and (4) assignment 3.

SRSIEEE830:  Overall Feedback

It does not look like you read the comments here.  Read them all, and then follow them, especially and primarily what’s in bold text, or I will not even go through your document, which is the situation we’re in on this submission.

The grade shown is SO FAR.

The table of versions should contain the actual log of what happened.

Edited documents should include change tracking and comments as sent.  That holds in the class, and on the job.  In class, if you don’t do this, priorities will be lowered in crunch time during finals week.  On the job, if you don’t do this, your team will miss critical changes, costing time and money.

The table of contents must accurately reflect what’s in the document and where.

“Document conventions” means typographical and lay-out things you need to know about the document.  For instance, if bold type means something special. 

Also, don’t have text that will leave the reader wondering what’s going on.  Lay things out in a logical order.  For instance, “To login”:  Your reader will ask “Login to what?  Why?”.

Because this text doesn’t seem to fit in with what’s at hand, I decided to check the Turn It In report.  What I found there (attached) shows a lot of copying (besides that, unquoted), and a document still in use-case format.  This document is supposed to be entirely written by you, and is supposed to be in IEEE 830 format.  It seems that you’d be better served by being in a situation where it would be hard to be led astray by your previous work and the work of others.  To that end, start completely over.  Give me an IEEE 830 spec covering

Look through the “How to lose points”, “How to lose all the points” “Lightswitch”, and “What I’ve learned from grading” documents.

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