Hi Professor and Class, Looking at the geography, demographics, psychographics


Hi Professor and Class, 

Looking at the geography, demographics, psychographics and behaviors of the customer base it appears that Pinkberry’s target market are creative people who enjoy setting trends and belonging in a group. Pinkberry started in West Hollywood which according to the City of West Hollywood Demographics website, 54% of the population is between 20-40 years old and the average household income is $108K (1). These demographics of West Hollywood helps to identify that the target market is also younger with mid to upper income levels.

The psychographics of the target market are people who love trying new delicious foods and telling people about their experience. They also are trend setters and innovators. The article, Research on Trends: Influentials, Innovators, & Early Adopters, describes innovators as customers who are the first ones to buy a product or buy into an idea (2). Pinkberry started with only one location and had a very large following. Creativity is most likely a common characteristic among consumers. Pinkberry calls their yogurt the canvas and encourages the customers to create their own flavors by adding the toppings. 

The motivation behind this target market purchasing Pinkberry is the need of belonging. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has belonging as the third layer in the pyramid. Belonging is above physiological and saftey needs (3). This means that Pinkberry’s customers already have those two needs met. The customers want to be part of the Pinkberry Groupie that was created to bring the target market together. The customers want to be a part of the driving force that is creating all the media buzz around this product.


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