***Students need to answer each one with a min. of


***Students need to answer each one with a min. of 200 word count.

Personal Responsibility

  1. Describe a topic you have explored in depth in this History 1301 or History 1302 course and include little-known information you have discovered to support your interest in the subject.
  2. Describe the ways that you have taken initiative this semester to complete course work, generate and pursue opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities in this field. (Consider attendance, class participation, meeting deadlines as indicators of this)
  3. Describe connections you have made between your prior knowledge and what you have learned in this course. How has this course helped you to understand the ideas presented in this course in new or different ways?
  4. How has your learning inside and outside of the classroom changed your perspective about experiences you have in school and life in general? In what ways do these changes show your own growth or maturity over time?

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