You are required to read the case study and answer

You are required to read the case study and answer ONE question

Case Study:

PharmaS Ltd is a pharmaceutical company based in Croatia with headquarters in Potok where most of the research, experiments and manufacturing of drugs occur which is then transported and sold in most of the EU countries with France being its major market. France has recently banned the import of all liquid based medicine after a recent case of contamination was found in cough syrups that led to ten people contracting non-life-threatening condition. The French pharmaceuticals have been required to include warnings emphasizing that the liquid medicines don’t contain any contaminants. The cough syrup manufactured by PharmaS do not contain any contaminants or any artificial preservatives. In recent months the French government also imposed a higher tax on inhalers. There was no justification given for this increase.Subsequently, PharmaS’s sales of inhalers to France dropped by 60%.

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