two pargraph rspond to the below discussion add information and

 two pargraph rspond to the below discussion add information and   Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification. with two citation and reference 

The Cold War rests at the feet of Stalin, as it was his policies and communist ideas towards Europe and the West that caused such great ideological differences. According to the text both the US and the Soviet took unwise steps at this time (Duiker, 2015). The tension between the US and the Soviet Union became increasingly high. This peaked during the Cuban missile. Fidel Castro overthrew the dictator of Cuba Fulgencio Batista and became a Soviet communist regime (Duiker 2015). Not long after Kennedy took office he agreed to enter at the Bay of Pigs in southern Cuba, which ended in failure ( Editors, 2010). After this attack the Soviet government decided to place missiles in Cuba. Kennedy did not like this, as it was so close to American soil. The United States then received intelligence that the Soviet had shipped more missiles to Cuba. President Kennedy sent warships out into the Atlantic to stop the missiles from reaching Cuba (Duiker, 2015). There were many problems in Cuba like housing, unemployment, education, industrialization and health of the Cuban people. Fidel Vowed to fix these things, and like most dictators these were empty promises. He failed the people of Cuba and proved that communism was not a better choice over democracy. Castro had lied to the people and as a result, brought down his own economy. His only economic focus was on his sugar and tobacco fields, while the Soviets supplied Cuba with weapons as part of their military plan. The United States cut ties and put bans on goods being exported to Cuba. After 50 years President Obama met with government officials of Cuba to fix the broken ties with Cuba, but a few years later the Trump administration took some of the forward steps back a few notches (, 2021). The current administration promises to take back what Trump has done. Cuba’s political system has changed since the cold war, there is no more Fidel Castro and there, however after his death his brother Raul Castro took over, The change in leadership offered hope of democracy for the small Island nation, but for now democracy is still far off.


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