This week's readings focus on transnational and domestic terrorism.   


This week’s readings focus on transnational and domestic terrorism.    Rollins and Wyler write about the connections between terrorist groups and criminal groups in the US, and some of the tactics they use.    Elliott traces the radicalization of Omar Hammami, a kid from Alabama who rose to power in Shabab, an Islamic terrorist group in Somalia.   Finally, we look at the “hate map” put out by the SPLC, which lets you see where various groups are located in the US.    

After reviewing all three sources, share some thoughts on what all this means with regard to the potential for domestic terrorism in the US.   Some of you are looking at the financing of terrorism in your research papers.  Rollins & Wyler look at the methods of financing of terrorist groups through links with criminal groups in the US.   Based on the DHS website, how is this type of threat being addressed by the Department of Homeland Security?    Given what has been happening in the US since the time these articles were written, should we expect to see more radicalization of American youth?   How can this be countered by DHS?   Are there other means of stopping the connections between terrorists and criminals, and the radicalization of Americans, through other means.   Some of you are looking at the legal means already in place as part of your research topics.   Are there legal means to help address these threats?

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