This week you will choose a specific healthcare organization (HCO)(i

This week you will choose a specific healthcare organization (HCO)(i will assign HCO once accepted) and begin examining the products and services found in the HCO’s strategic plan. For this assignment, read Chapter 3 in the course text, which addresses the importance of the mission, vision, and values statements to organizations. Why is it important for an organization to have these statements? What purpose do they serve?

Next, research and choose a specific healthcare organization for your marketing plan. You could select the organization your currently work for, one you are familiar with, or one you would like to work for in the future. After selecting your HCO, conduct research online to locate the organization’s strategic plan and read its vision, mission, and values statements. Add the term strategic plan after the HCO’s name in the search engine box (e.g., Sharp Healthcare strategic plan) to narrow your search results.


In your assignment

  • State your      choice of HCO and explain why it interests you.
  • State the      organization’s vision, mission, and values statements
  • Discuss      whether the organization’s purpose and priorities are clearly defined
  • Discuss      whether the mission statement clearly separates the HCO from competing      organizations.
  • Include      any ideas you have at this point for improving the mission statement in      terms of aligning the HCO’s stated priorities with its products and      services.  
  • Discuss      whether the current vision statement correctly describes the HCO’s path as      it implements the strategic plan. 
    • Could       the current vision statement be utilized to motivate the organization’s       workforce?
    • If       not, how would you reword the vision statement to better reflect high       ideals and aspirations to fulfill the HCO’s strategic plan?  
  • Discuss      whether the current values statement takes into consideration the values      of multiple participants such as the community, employees, shareholders,      and customers. 
    • How       would you reword the current value statement to better reflect priorities       found within the HCO’s strategic plan?


3-5 pages

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